All reports of non-empty-dependency_libs-in-la-file for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The dependency_libs field in the .la file has not been cleared. It has long been a release goal to get rid of unneeded .la files and clearing the dependency_libs field from the rest of them.

A non-empty dependency_libs field will also stall the Multi-Arch conversion.

The .la file in itself may be useful, if the library is loaded dynamically via libltdl.

Refer to,, and for details.

Severity: serious, Certainty: certain

Check: shared-libs, Type: binary, udeb

Evolution of the non-empty-dependency_libs-in-la-file Lintian tag over the past 240 days:

History of non-empty-dependency_libs-in-la-file

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debathena-libmoira-dev (binary)

debathena-libmrclient-dev (binary)